Our Story

Welcome to Rustique.

Let us inspire you. Travel with us and add some soul to your interior!

Reclaimed warehouse timbers, salvaged ship parts, unique local art and exciting decor spanning the seven seas.  We source from India, Indonesia and Vietnam. And plenty of local stuff too.  Our look is warm, authentic and creative.   Ever-changing.  Always unique.

10 years ago, we started trading in the sea-side hamlet of Mornington.  An old rustic railway shed.  Rustique then opened it’s current showroom at 495 Nepean Highway Chelsea.  This time an old petrol station right on the beach. Breathing new life into spaces.

Rustique gives you the spirit of the old days and combines it in a unique way with the modern designs of today.  We travel around, we discover, we trade.  We bring back what we believe is good, beautiful, hip and fashionable.  SOUL is our thing, products that live and tell their own story.  Rustique products are original, mostly handmade, recycled and therefore, one of a kind.

You might call it our passion. Bordering obsession. Hunting, gathering, finding beauty.

It’s a true blessing to love our work.

Here’s what we value.

  1. Open and Honest relationships with our customers and suppliers
  2. Having a great time and being creative
  3. Supporting local Causes
  4. A strong love for family & friends
  5. Being successful
  6. Respect for Mother Earth
  7. Good Karma

Be great to see you soon